Thursday, 26 February 2015

Exercise #2

Title: (Dress code is unfair labeling)

What is the conflict?

The conflict is that expats when arrives to UAE they don't know that are some clothes that shows skin either from beneath the shorts area or the belly button area is not accepted in the UAE, which makes the locals feels offended for not respecting their views which the expats doesn't have an idea towards it.

What is the cultural view behind this conflict?

The cultural view behind this conflict are both Honor/Shame and Guilt/Innocence, the Honor/Shame lies in the locals where they want the expats to respect and wear cloths that doesn't show skin, while on the other hand the expats view are Guilt/Innocent for they were not aware about this dress code the country has.

What is the best solution of this conflict?

The best solution I could think of is to notify the expats before they foot to the country through various airlines to show a small video that tells what to wear in the country, also in the airport there should be a billboard that tells about the dress code in the UAE.

My Worldview:

My worldview depends on three views, so in order they are: Honor/Shame, Guilt/Innocence, and Power/Fear. The Honor/Shame is the most becuase it is the most worldview in my country, the second is Guilt/Innocence since there must be justice to be served and the guilt and innocence are a major point in them, lastly Power/Fear which is for me doesn't feel that much of influence maybe if I was in other country might show me the influence of Power/Fear.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Exercise #1

The Bullfighting:-

Bullfighting is a major sport that happens in Spain after the Running of The Bulls, it is consider as a Spanish tradition, but why this should be selected as tradition, the Flamenco isn't enough to be a tradition event.

The Bullfighting in my opinion is cruel for that the bulls gets stabbed by colorful arm sized dart that penetrates it skin and bleed it so it could get tired and dizzy until it dies, this by itself is so bad, in our religion that if you are going to kill any kind of animal to use it meat as food the animal should be killed by slitting it throat so it dies swiftly, there is many usage the Spanish government can use in this big arena and those bulls for other type of entertainment, they could do it as we do it here in Fujairah where two bulls headbutts the other until one defeats the other but people stop the winner from delivering the final blow, also they could use the bulls to make a big bull rodeo "even though they use it on other occasions", but killing an animal slowly and torturing it is a burn mark on the humanity that should be healed off by the tourist, the tickets for bullfighting get sold out which encourage this murder parties to continue on.

I will not go to bullfighting even if it was to see other culture tradition, it is like come with us to see this person death and have fun for him being slaughtered.

Fujairah Bullfighting

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Who is the Blogger of this Blog?

Hi everyone that reads this post, my name is Saeed Alebri, I am 20 years old, I am a transfer student from Khalifa University, I have been in many countries that if I counted them they will be an average of a 2 or more times in every year, but most countries I have gone to are Saudi Arabia, Australia, and France, Australia is the most country I have gone to since the last 4 years every summer me and my family go there, even though i have been in many foreign countries but sadly didn't made friends with somebody that I could speak about, I am a sponsored student with AMMROC, I have a Twitter account and Facebook (The Facebook is dead since 2013 "RIP FB"), also I have an account in Instagram which is @bu3skoor if you are interested to follow and check my images. For people who has Steam account on their PC you can also add me bu3skoor77.