Monday, 16 February 2015

Exercise #1

The Bullfighting:-

Bullfighting is a major sport that happens in Spain after the Running of The Bulls, it is consider as a Spanish tradition, but why this should be selected as tradition, the Flamenco isn't enough to be a tradition event.

The Bullfighting in my opinion is cruel for that the bulls gets stabbed by colorful arm sized dart that penetrates it skin and bleed it so it could get tired and dizzy until it dies, this by itself is so bad, in our religion that if you are going to kill any kind of animal to use it meat as food the animal should be killed by slitting it throat so it dies swiftly, there is many usage the Spanish government can use in this big arena and those bulls for other type of entertainment, they could do it as we do it here in Fujairah where two bulls headbutts the other until one defeats the other but people stop the winner from delivering the final blow, also they could use the bulls to make a big bull rodeo "even though they use it on other occasions", but killing an animal slowly and torturing it is a burn mark on the humanity that should be healed off by the tourist, the tickets for bullfighting get sold out which encourage this murder parties to continue on.

I will not go to bullfighting even if it was to see other culture tradition, it is like come with us to see this person death and have fun for him being slaughtered.

Fujairah Bullfighting

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