Sunday, 26 April 2015

Exercise #5

Cultural Dimension
Todd, Puro, Aisha or other
Outsourced Scene
or Circumstance
Communication- direct/indirect
Todd and his manager
Direct communication ( when the manager was talking with Todd to convince him to go to India)
Planning – People / time
Todd and his manager

Time( The manager gives Todd specific time to finish his work)
Decision-making: rules / relations
Todd and Puro
Rules, He told him to let the worker get faster with the calls so they get the number below 6.
Context – Informal / formal
Todd and his manager
Informal, he was adressing his boss by his first name and their talk was like a buddy to his buddy conversation.

3. When he gets on the train, he cannot find an empty seat. How is this problem
solved for him? How might this be a cultural solution?
A boy stood up to let Todd sit in the chair since he is older than him, but then the boy sat on Mr.Todd lap, this was the boy's perspective of a solution where many people can rest on a seat even with the crowded train.
4. As any exchange student, he has a lot of experiences trying new food. His first
encounter is with an iced drink. What happens?
After trying the iced drink he started to fell sick.

7. Todd wants to check in to a hotel. But Puro insists he comes to a boarding house.
What is the reason he gives Todd?
 The reason Puro told Todd is that if he stayed in the hotel he will feel lonely.
8. As soon as they meet, Aunti Ji starts asking very intimate questions that
Americans who have just met would never ask. What kind of things does she ask?
 She asked him many personal questions, like one of the questions was "What is your salary?".

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Exercise #4

World Cultures/ World Choices:

Every culture has what makes it special than other cultures, and the 12 Dimensions help us to clarify what each society have difference that what we have which leads into making better communication and judgement to the other cultures.

Some of the 12 Dimensions are life choices, thinking, and sense of group, those are the points that I will use to show how to get to know other culture, I am going to use Amish group that live in the US for it.

The Amish life choice is different to other people where the selected their own way of clothing and they also stayed away from using electricity by there own but they won't make other people that are "English" as how they call non-Amish, also the way they think is different than other cultures where they don't use firepower like guns and don't want to ever thinking of using it, lastly the sense of group is like a pack of wolves where if they stay together to live rather than living as a lonely fox which is weaker compared to the other. 

In my research to the Amish community they are group of people that uses a language between English and Germany to communicate and they fled from Europe to the US.

Amish having fun playing Baseball

Arabic culture influences your choice:

There are somethings that influence my choice as an Arabic like for example if I wanted to go with my friends out to a mall or cinema we ask what should we wear a Kandoora or T-shirts so nobody would feel out of place with the group.

 In the middle Maradona wearing Kandoora