Tuesday, 2 June 2015

CMI Report Reflection

Part 1: (137 words)

a)      Chosen Dimensions:-
1-      Destiny
2-      Expression
3-      Planning
4-      Communication
5-      Status

b)      Based on my CMI test result report, I am a directive person on the destiny dimension which means that I am always lead my fate and I won’t let it direct me, also I am a person that is hard to know my expression for I conceal my expression, thirdly I am a person that is a little strict on time but I have a bit of flexibility of letting people go from being late without penalty.
I am always a direct person, I don’t like to use a middleman to communicate with other people, lastly I am a person who achieved my rank and I won’t use my family name or my father position to get the goals I want to have.

Part 2: (186 words)

a)      Based from my CMI test result report, that I am among the most of my group are directive people and we are the one that lead and make our future, secondly me and one of my colleagues are the only people who are always conceal our expression and very hard to reveal them since we are on level 4 of concealing expression, also I am one of the nine people who has level 2 one planning with time polarity, which means we prioritize the time more than people by a little, in communication dimension I am the only one that have level 4 of being direct, while lastly I am among the 7 people that has level 4 of achieving our status.

b)      That parts that I disagree with the report are on these dimension expression and communication, where I usually I reveal my expression not if I was angry but when I am happy or excited, also with communication I usually prefer by E-mail to my superior more than talking to them face-to—face., while the rest of the dimensions I agree with them.

Part 3: (92 words)

a)     Yeah, I think some of my results will change after the next 5 years since some of them I disagree with them and some of them I see them are going to make it hard for me to establish relationship with certain people.

b)    I would like some of my results to be different since I disagree with some of them and I hope that they will change within the next of my years, like for example my communication dimension is a bit to direct which some people would feel uncomfortable.  

Total word count (415)