Wednesday, 11 March 2015

World View Presentation

Title: UAE and Iran in the Island Dispute

1.    Background facts:  Historic  &  Present. Saeed Al Ebri 

2.    Describe the conflict and participants – what are the two sides?  Saeed Al Ebri

3.  Root causes (possible minor symptoms of these) Faisal Al Hamidi

4.    Apply the WorldViews for All participants: HS / GI / PF   (others?) Khaled Alqubaisi     

5.    What is a suitable collaborative  Re-solution to this conflict? 
How can this situation be avoided in the future in other cases?Khaled Alqubaisi     


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Friday, 6 March 2015

Exercise #3

1- Evelyn: She was able to adapt to the location they are in by searching and applying for job.

2-Mrs. Natallie: She was not able to adapt to India where she was distrustful to the Indians, which could mean that she is racist towards them, first she asked for marker to mark her bone that would be extracted and replaced so the doctor won't make a mistake, also she always insisted to say that she wants to go back to her home country even after the successful operation she still insisted to get back.

3- Mr. Garaham: He was able to adapt to the area by going out site seeing the place that he even to start talking to the young ones and playing with them cricket.

4- Mrs. Ainslie: She was not capable to adapt to the area by insisting in staying in the room inside the hotel and not leaving her room. 

5- Mr. Ainsilie: I presume that he was able to adapt to the area for we see him trying to cinvince his wife (The one mentioned above) to leave the room and join him out.

6- The Radio Man: He is the first one to adapt to the location that he is immediately found a room for him and put the radio and commented that the room is now good.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Muslim Chinese - Collaborative Solution

Since few decades most people has viewed Islam as a terrorist relegion while it is on the other hand The Qura'an never sited a think about killing innocent people for not converting to Islam, while extremest tarnish the Islamic culture, other Muslims are paying the cost of that. The people in Uigher  should not let those people to take the responsibility of what others did, the best solution if people of Uigher let Muslims have their own buses to drive them to their work, but this bus is only for Muslims so they don't fear if there was a terrorist bombing people that aren't Muslims won't get injured, but keep this in mind if a terrorist wants to bomb or kill he won't need to keep his Islamic outfit to do his massacre.